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Blogging has expanded into one of the most profitable online business of all times. Have you ever heard that some bloggers are making six figure earnings every year just for writing about something they love to write on an online platform?Yes, you may have heard about the bloggingprofessional bloggers who are making such huge money from home quitting their jobs! And fortunately, you can also follow the same way and can start making passive income online. Recoreding is definitely one of the best online passive income businesses ever.There are many reasons why blogging is the best online business so far but, here are few of them;1.Little Investment RequiredOne great thing about recored is that you don’t need a lot of money to invest in the beginning. You just need to make a small investment and there you go! You can actually start with $10 a month to get a good domain name and hosting for your blog.Once you have started making some money from your own blog, you can invest some more money on SEO, optimization and even pay per click advertisements. This is how you should grow and start making a decent passive income!Many blogging services are free which will save you money on a domain name, hosting and outsourcing the website design.2.It is a Quick Way to Start Earning Money OnlineThis is one obvious reason why blogging is the best online business. It is a quick way to make money does not mean that you will start making money immediately, it is quicker than any other online business. But, you have to put in the work at the beginning.You can advertise your online products and services straight away or even promote your affiliate links. You are paid a commission every time a visitor to your blog clicks on your affiliate links and makes a purchase.There are several people who have launched whole careers as professional bloggers and turn over in their business is in the 6 figure range.3.No Special Skill RequiredYou don’t need a special training before you can become a blogger. Even if you’re new to the internet with no website design skills, blog sites have all the tools and templates you need to get started. You can set up a beautiful site that’s designed to your liking very quickly and easily.The best thing about blogging is – anyone can do it, and this “anyone” also includes YOU. Yes, you can also start blogging anytime you want. You just need a perfect blogging platform; there are so many of them.4.The Earnings Are UnlimitedThis is another important factor that attracts lots of people to this business. There is no limit how much money you can earn using this method. You don’t have to be stuck into the office hours; once the blog has some organic traffic auto-generated from the search engines, you don’t even have to work 4/5 hours a day.You can wrap things up in an hour and then you’re free to do whatever you want; here again, you can make unlimited money from blogging!5.It Requires Minimal MaintenanceThis is one thing I love about blog. After it is setup, there is no big cost in maintaining. Once your blog is set up you can update and maintain it from anywhere. You don’t have to worry about the technical aspects of maintaining your website because it’s done via the Blogger or WordPress templates.You can access your blog from anywhere in the world via the internet or even send a text message to post to your blog.6.Advertising does not Require a Large Outlay of CashDriving traffic to your blog is comparatively easier and quicker than to a website. You can start to generate traffic to your blog by getting it indexed quickly with search engines. Add to your blog consistently using your keywords and key phrases.You can also use social media platforms to drive traffic to your blog with minimal cost.7.It is the Best Fun Way to Make MoneyIt will be easy for you to blog consistently and every day if you have chosen a niche that you are knowledgeable about and that matches your interests. By doing this, your search engine position improves as you drive more traffic to your blog. This snowballs into more sales.8.Reaching your Audiences/CustomersBlogs tend to get higher rankings on the internet because blogs are seen as providing new and fresh content. The newer and fresher content the higher likelihood of getting new customers, and with new customers comes more income.Blogging is a great way to gain a following and if you are just starting out in this business you have to generate your e-mail list because that will form the backbone of your sales volume


interactivity that distinguishes them from other static websites. In that sense, blogging can be seen as a form of social networking service. Indeed, bloggers do How to Start a Blog in Less than 10 Mins

Discover how to start a blog in the next 10 mins with my simple 7 step blogging formula. Create a blog and go live with your content in minutes.
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